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Oakville Liberal Candidate Nomination Meeting

Keeping Oakville Liberal federally must be top of mind for those attending Wednesday’s nomination meeting at Le Dome Banquet Hall. The two leading contenders to replace our current MP, John Oliver, are former MPP, Minister of Labour, and Town and Regional Councillor Kevin Flynn, and law professor Anita Anand: (A third, Tamur Shah, a lawyer,, is also contesting.)

As so often happens we have clearly outstanding candidates to represent Oakville and run for the Liberal party in the federal election slated for October. Both are very accomplished and highly qualified, and both would make excellent MPs. These are the thoughts going through my mind as I decide who to support on Wednesday.

  • One brings a lifetime of service to Oakville and real political experience, a commodity the federal Liberal caucus needs. The other brings a knowledge of governance and the justice system which would also be of significant benefit to our federal government, in light of recent events.

  • One is highly respected for his integrity and balance, quiet and thoughtful judgement, and selflessness. The other would add diversity from both the gender and ethnic perspectives and brings academic and legal tools to bear to help the country solve its problems.

  • One is known to and trusted by thousands of ordinary Oakvilleans for helping them in their dealings with government, having been in public service for more than 30 years. The other has the endorsement of some of the most significant members of our community.

  • One has government experience, has stood up for Oakville even against his own party, and has been an advocate for the weaker members of our society. The other brings fresh eyes and great personal ability, a new but very well-informed perspective.

Their websites are both very complete. I have not had the opportunity to meet Anita Anand, though many of my friends have and speak very highly of her. I have known Kevin for many years and can personally attest to his commitment and to the wisdom he brings to every issue, only enhanced by his long experience.

I think either would serve us well in Ottawa. As a result, it comes down to electability. Kevin’s name recognition will be of enormous value: a recent poll shows how important reputation can be. Anita’s ability to counter some of the recent questions around judicial independence with her deep legal knowledge will stand her in good stead at the doors campaigning.

This is no easy choice. However it turns out, we will be well served and should count ourselves lucky to have such excellent options. I am committed to supporting Kevin because of his service and electability, but if Anita wins I will be just as thrilled to work for her campaign.

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